Tribute to reptilians in pro-vax commecial with premier Netanyahu

This video is, to say the least, a curiosity. Some conspirologists see more behind it: it shows an alleged relation between the COVID-19 pandemics and the installation of NWO that soes not only benefit the elites, as is generally accepted, but in fact is a deeper plan to subjugate mankind under the rule of a interdimensional race of non-human entity called the reptilians.

Masked as a pro-vax commercial protagonist, the prime minister of Israel Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu shows his allegiance to the reptilian overlords who stand behind the world take-over and the NWO ushered in under the guise of a pandemic.

At a given moment, talking about the green vaccination pass, Bibi says “…you get a green dragon” At 1:03 a green reptilian appears as a green dragon on the left edge of the screen. A person with long blond wig appears next to the dragon and says “This green Dragon sounds good to me”.  The dragon roars at the companions who tells the dragon “Yossi, stop messing around”.  The last shot of the clip shows the dragon again. Netanyahu says to its companion “you are on fire”. The companion turns to the dragon and says to him “Don’t you dare!” genetically manipulated being en masse is here the question. Although there are some tales of the nefarious plans devised by the reptilians. they are not conclusive. Some commentators go as far as insisting that humans are genetically modified in order to be able to serve as a host for the reptilian entity without prenatal or hereditary prepping.

The fact that the vaccine does alter the human genome has been already postulated scientifically in the recent post by Dr. Doug Corrigan: “Breaking Study Sheds More Light on Whether an RNA Vaccine Can Permanently Alter DNA” interpreting a recent scientific paper by Zhang, Liguo, Alexsia Richards, Andrew Khalil, Emile Wogram, Haiting Ma, Richard A. Young, and Rudolf Jaenisch. “SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome.” bioRxiv (2020).

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