Letter to Queen Victoria from Lin Zexu

21.3.2017 0

Source: Boston University Blogs The following is a translated letter from Commissioner Lin Zexu to Queen Victoria on the eve of the first Opium War in 1839. […]

Top 3 Most Notorious MSM Fake News Tactics From the Syrian War

18.3.2017 0

Source: Sputnik Published: 18.03.2017 Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov has again blasted Western mainstream media reports about the humanitarian situation in Syria, saying […]

Wikileaks: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

7.3.2017 0

Source: WikiLeaks, Vault 7 Published: 7. 3. 2017 Contents • Press Release • Analysis • Examples • Frequently Asked Questions Press Release Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, […]

CDC document bombshell reveals list of all (even toxic) vaccine excipients

6.3.2017 0

Author: Mike Adams Source: Natural News Published: 06. 3. 2017 Almost no one has any real idea what’s found in vaccines. When they allow themselves to be injected […]

1983 CIA Document Reveals Plan To Destroy Syria, Foreshadows Current Crisis

2.3.2017 0

Author: Brandon Turbeville Source: Activist Post Published: 2. 3. 2017 As the Syrian crisis enters its sixth year, the Donald Trump administration is looking more and […]

Nikki Haley Watch: Disaster UN Ambassador Loses it Over Syria Sanctions Vote

1.3.2017 0

Source: Ron Paul Institute fo Peace and Prosperity written by daniel mcadams Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Although Russia signaled that it would veto the […]

Halíkův svérázný doktorát teologie bez disertace

27.2.2017 0

Autor: Otakar Jelínek Zdroj: Svobodné Noviny Zveřejněno: 27. 2. 2017   Ve Svobodných novinách byl 4.listopadu loňského roku publikován článek „Svěcení T.Halíka na kněze bylo […]

Intervence ČNB se blíží k vyvrcholení, začne zúčtování

19.2.2017 0

Autor: Josef Mrázek Zdroj: Parlamentní Listy Zveřejněno: 19. 2. 2017 Slyšel jsem v ČT 2. února 2017, že aktivita měnových spekulantů donutila ČNB k intervencím v rozsahu […]

New Declassified CIA Memo Presents Blueprint for Syrian Regime Collapse

14.2.2017 0

Author:  Brad Hoff Source: The Libertarian Institute Published: 14. 2. 2017 A newly declassified CIA document explored multiple scenarios of Syrian regime collapse at a time when Hafez […]

Interview with Peter Ford (Former UK ambassador to Syria)

31.1.2017 0

Source: PressTV via Youtube Aired: 28. 1. 2017 Watch Press TV’s full interview with Peter Ford, the former UK ambassador to Syria. The interview, conducted on Press TV’s […]

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