Open letter to Boston College Theologians

Inquiry who and why invited a notorious impostor with communist past to Boston

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am addressing this letter to the many of you from the Theology department, for I know not exactly who is in charge of inviting the Duffy lecture scholars to your venerable institution.

Mr. Robinette who is the addressee has stated an article on Mr. Halík in his CV so that he was my first pick. See:  Review Symposium Essay, Tomáš Halík, Patience With God: The Story of Zacchaeus Continuing in Us. Horizons 38.1 (2011): 112-17.

I am a jurnalist from Prague, the Czech Republic. I have noticed the event which has been advertised as “Tomas Halik to deliver 2020 Duffy Lectures”. See link

I would like to ask you few questions about this event. I would very much appreciate your answers, becaus this matter regards many good Catholics in my country, the Czech Republic.

1) How and why was this speaker chosen in the first place?

2) Is the institution which has invited Tomas Halík aware of his controvesial past and present? Concretely about these facts:


  1. His close attachment to the communist party apparatus of former Czechoslovakia? See link
  2. About his mission to infiltrate the Catholic church for the state secret police during the communist regime?
  3. About his work as ideologic instructor at the ministry of trade and affiliated very privileged foreign trade companies of the Czech Republic, during the communist rule?
  4. About his long lasting intimate relationship with a former secretary of the secret police strongman former communist secretary of state Jaromir Obzina of who was Halík a favorite protégé? See link
  5. His claim of being ordained as a priest (in secret) is not substantiated by any existing viable evidence
  6. He has been trained by the east German secret service, the Stasi, in operative psychology to be deployed against the illegal church as a (phony) priest by infiltrating the underground catholic church community?


  1. His numerous academic titles have been obtained by subterfuge, counterfeit and deceit, as is proven well enough to substantiate this claim anytime? See link
  2. His literary work presented to the national authorities as scientific or academic have been officially found not scientific by an official panel headed by the Czech prime minister Rusnok? See link
  3. Being an academic he has got zero citation on the academic citation index – which is rather peculiar and unusual for an alleged academician (except in view of the above facts)

It is a mystery to the Czech public how such a controversial person can go and give lectures to public and young people abroad. Is it just ignorance of facts and realities or is there a hidden agenda behind his invitation to Boston? Rumors say it is a matter of free masons pushing this person to some higher purpose, without actually knowing who they are really dealing with.

Your answers would be found very interesting and be very appreciated.

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