Oděsa se postupně propadá do nebytí

21.6.2017 0

Autorka: Monika Hoření Zdroj: Haló Noviny Zveřejněno: 20. 6. 2017 Letos v květnu jste jel do ukrajinské Oděsy. Z jakého důvodu? Byl jsem pozván, abych zjistil, jaké […]

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry plotted terror attack in Crimea

12.8.2016 0

Source: The Saker Published: 12.8. 2016 How it’s all started A shootout took place on Crimean border early on Saturday August 7th The shooting took […]

Obama Requests EU Support for Possible War Against Russia

24.4.2016 0

Source: GlobalResearch Published: 24.4.2016 According to Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Economic News), on April 23rd, U.S. President Barack Obama is “demanding the active deployment of […]

French Canal+ exposes US Backed Nazis in Ukraine

5.2.2016 0

Source: Live Leak Published: 2.2.2016 French mainstream media has broken the western propaganda barrier and decided to reveal the truth about the Ukrainian coup and […]

Nuland-Surkov Meeting: US Tries to Re-Write Minsk II: Russia Says “NIET”

4.2.2016 0

Source: Russian Insider by Alexander Mercouris Published: 4.2.2016 Dr. Gilbert Doctorow has recently provided a masterly discussion of Lavrov’s recent January press conference. Lavrov’s press […]

CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953, by Wayne Madsen

18.1.2016 0

The recent declassification of over 3800 documents by the Central Intelligence Agency provides detailed proof that since 1953 the CIA operated two major programs intent […]

Abschied vom Petro-Dollar: Russland steigt auf Rubel und Yuan um

29.8.2014 0

 Quelle: Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten Veröffentlicht: 29.08.14 Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin lässt seinen Worten Taten folgen. Der Energie-Riese Gazprom wird beim Verkauf von 80.000 Tonnen Öl aus […]