Стандартные условия и процедуры, необходимые для обеспечения режима прекращения боевых действий

27.9.2016 0

источник: Министерство иностранных дел Российской Федерации Опубликован в: 27.09.16 Российская Федерация и Соединенные Штаты Америки в качестве сопредседателей Международной группы поддержки Сирии (МГПС), в соответствии с […]

Al-Assad Interview: “Syria is paying the price of its independence”

21.7.2016 0

Source: Votairenet Published: 2. 11. 2016 (SANA: 21. 7. 2016) Interviewed by the Cuban journalist Roberto Garcia on behalf of the agency Prensa Latina, the President […]

Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel

22.5.2016 0

Source: The New Observer Published: 22.5.2016 A newly-released Hilary Clinton email confirmed that the Obama administration has deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as […]


23.4.2016 0

Source: The Intercept. By Charles Glass Published: 23.4.2016 THE CONVICTION that invasion, bombing, and special forces benefit large swaths of the globe, while remaining consonant with […]

Prahu navštíví syrská vládní delegace

18.4.2016 0

Ve středu 20. 4. 2016 přijede do Prahy syrská vládní delegace, kterou povede první náměstek ministra zahraničí Fajsal al-Mikdád v doprovodu náměstka pro evropské záležitosti […]

Results of the Syrian People’s Assembly elections 2016

16.4.2016 0

Source: SANA. By Hazem Sabbagh Published: 16. 4. 2015 The Higher Judicial Committee for Elections announced on Saturday the results of the People’s Assembly elections for […]

US Military Advisors Secretly Meet Daesh Leaders: Report Says

14.4.2016 0

Source: Alalam.ir Published: 14.4.2016 The US military advisors whose mission is to provide military counseling services to the Kurdish popular forces have had secret meetings […]

Washington Deplores the Defeat of the ISIS. Accuses Russia and Syria of violating Ceasefire

4.4.2016 0

Source: Global Research, By Stephen Lendman Published: 4.4. 2016 Cessation of hostilities terms exclude ISIS and other Security Council named terrorist groups. War continues to eliminate […]

Pět let nehorázných lží o Sýrii

15.3.2016 0

Zdroj: Radio Vaticana,  P. Daniel Maes Zveřejněno: 15.3.2016 Excelence, jsem Belgičan žijící v Sýrii a obracím se na Vás, ctihodného ministra naší milované vlasti, abych […]

United Nations Security Council Endorses Syria Ceassefire Accord

26.2.2016 0

Source: United Nations Security Council Published: 26.2.2016 An hour before it was due to go into effect, the Security Council today unanimously endorsed the cessation […]

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