31.1.2018 0

Source: Discover the Networks New York hedge fund manager George Soros is one of the most politically powerful individuals on earth. Since the mid-1980s in particular, […]

Investigative journalist: George Soros thinks he’s ‘a god’

30.1.2018 0

Source: WND Publisehed: 10/31/2017 An investigative journalist who has researched radical advocacy organizations and their sources of funding says the prominent left-wing billionaire known to subsidize […]

Bitcoin’s Mysterious Creator is Sitting On a Multi-Billion Fortune

8.1.2018 0

By ROB WILE Source: Time/Money Published: October 31, 2017 It’s been a very good year for Bitcoin, with the cryptocurrency climbing more than 600% to over […]

Bitcoin and me (Hal Finney)

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Author: Hal Finney Source: Published: March 19, 2013   I thought I’d write about the last four years, an eventful time for Bitcoin and me. For those […]

Macaulay Culkin: Satanic Hollywood Elites Murder Children During Rituals

20.12.2017 0

Source: Neon Nettle   Former child star Macauley Culkin has blown the whistle on the entertainment industry elite to reveal that Hollywood studio executives are “blood-thirsty Satanists” […]

On the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated U.S. children

5.7.2017 0

Authors:  Anthony R Mawson – Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS 39213, USA Brian D Ray […]

Wikileaks: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

7.3.2017 0

Source: WikiLeaks, Vault 7 Published: 7. 3. 2017 Contents • Press Release • Analysis • Examples • Frequently Asked Questions Press Release Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, […]

CDC document bombshell reveals list of all (even toxic) vaccine excipients

6.3.2017 0

Author: Mike Adams Source: Natural News Published: 06. 3. 2017 Almost no one has any real idea what’s found in vaccines. When they allow themselves to be injected […]

Nástroje Bilderbergu v Českých zemích

10.12.2016 1

Zdroj: Časopis Šifra (doplněno)   Bilderberg je mezinárodní soukromá lóže vlivných individuí z klíčových segmentů společnosti, pojmenovaná podle stejnojmenného hotelu v nizozemském Oosterbeeku, kde se poprvé sešla v květnu […]

Špatná sázka na prezidentské kandidáty „prolamovače“

23.11.2016 1

Tomáš Halík, znám též pod krycím jménem jako agent “Kazatel“, či agent “Angličan” se ukázal jako naprosto nepoužitelný kandidát na prezidenta republiky, byť by jej […]

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